We address business requiring high quality graphics design and printing at surprisingly afforable pricing.
We provide custom quotes for every project due to materials and project variations. 

Printing and design are separate services that have respective rates. 

Some projects may be quoted at flat rate.

PRINTING: $55.00 / hour

LAYOUT DESIGN: $90.00 / hour


ILLUSTRATION: $90.00 / hour

CREATIVE DESIGN: $105.00 / hour



For a $45.00 fee, our art department can repair most problems with your artwork or upload. Our designer can repair most common file problems such as missing bleed, resizing files, rotating artwork, formatting text for caution zone, typesetting business cards, making changes to press ready PDF and fix other common artwork problems. We can also create press ready PDF files from most common software programs. 

For assistance with your artwork file, call 703-321-8100. After hours, you can email to support@cspusa.net the art department directly.

Art Check

  Check files to ensure it will upload and process without any issues.


  Add bleed (extend artwork) if artwork on proof does not extend. This will ensure
  any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page

Caution Zone

  Fix text or other elements that extend beyond the caution line


  Fix files to center correctly on the electronic proof

Combine Files

  Combine single JPEG, TIFF of PDF files into multi-page PDF for booklet jobs

Create PDF

  Export native files (InDesign, Publisher or Word) into PDF file for upload


  Embed fonts in artwork files for proper upload & processing

Fold Panels

  Verify and adjust artwork for correct positioning after folding

Incompatible Files

  Repair files that fail art upload due to incompatibility with our proofing system

Low Resolution

  Replace low resolution images *if* high resolution images are available. It is not
  possible to fix low resolution with original files containing low resolution images.
  Some photos may be able to enhance, resolution issues can sometimes be
  resolved with Publisher or Word files if original design files can be provided


  Rotate pages to ensure artwork prints with correct orientation

Separate Files

  Split one file containing 2 pages into 2 separate files for proper upload


  We can fix or perform minor type changes