How to use and care for your new
magnetic vehicle signs

The vehicle surface and the
brown magnetic side
of the sign should be clean,

dry and waxed prior to applying. 

Make contact of one edge of the sign to the vehicle surface in desired location and then let the adjacent part of the sign contact the vehicle surface until the entire sign is held magnetically to the vehicle. If the sign is not in desired position, remove sign and repeat above. (Do not try to straighten sign by pulling when it is held magnetically to the vehicle. It may stretch the material, especially when hot.) Avoid placing your sign over chrome trim or surface protrusions of any kind. The temperature of the sign should be at least 60 degrees F. during installation. (The temperature of the vehicle surface does not matter.) 

Always remove the sign by lifting from the center of the two opposite sides...Never start at the corners. This precaution will avoid bent corners and reduced adhesion. 

Magnetic vehicle signs will not adhere to areas on your car where plastic or lead body fillers have been used. Use caution in applying vehicle signs to areas of your car that have been damaged and repaired in order to avoid losing your sign. New paint jobs take time to cure properly. We suggest you wait 60 days before positioning a sign on a freshly painted car. 

Your signs should be periodically removed...once a week minimum. Wipe both the vehicle and the back of the sign dry. Trapped moisture, dirt, or chemicals may harm your vehicle finish. Clean your sign with plain water and a mild detergent. 

To avoid cracking or breaking, do not fold or crease. Store your magnetic sign flat.