Coated vs Uncoated
What paper to choose - Gloss, Silk or Uncoated?

What difference between coated and uncoated Paper?
When you order your print you always have a choice of paper finish. There're generally three different paper types
for you to choose from and we're going to look into these in some detail, each has features that you'll need to consider.


Coated Gloss Paper:
(80lb., 100lb. Gloss Cover, 14pt. & 16pt. Gloss UV Cover etc...)
Coated paper has a glossy finish. Coated paper is generally very smooth and can be either very shiny (UV high gloss) or have a subtle shine.
Either way, coated paper will have a great effect on the appearance and usefulness of the printed item. Coated paper is more resistant to dirt,
moisture and wear. It also makes the printed material more shiny. That is why it is generally used in the printing of magazines, book covers,    
glossy photos and art books. Coating restricts the amount of ink that is absorbed by the paper and how the ink bleeds into the paper.
This is desirable for sharp and complex images as the ink stays on top of the paper and will not wick or bleed reducing the sharpness
of the printed material. This same property can be unattractive for the back of business cards as the coated paper does not take
well to pen ink or pencil and many people like to write on the back of business cards.

Coated Silk Paper:
(14pt. & 16pt. Silk Cover etc...)
Silk paper is becoming increasingly popular, a very silky finish feel, like matt finished coated paper the surface is smooth
but without reflections,
which means that it combines high readability with high image quality. Silk can be written on
with a ballpoint pen, although not as well as uncoated stock, but it's much easier to do than trying to write on glossy paper.

Uncoated Paper:
(60lb., 70lb., 80lb, 100lb. Uncoated Text and Cover etc...)
Generally more absorbent of ink than a coated paper, like its namesake, uncoated paper does not have a coating.
It is generally not as smooth as coated paper and tends to be more porous. Uncoated paper is generally used for
notepads, letterhead, envelopes and printed material that is aiming for a more prestigious or elegant look.
College and University booklets, real estate brochures and menus for elegant restaurants are generally
printed on uncoated paper to give them a prestigious feel. And it's perfect for writing.