• Important: 
  • It is VERY helpful to spray a fine mist of soap/water solution or (Windex) to the surface that you are applying the graphic to. 
  • This will give you more time and the ability to reposition if necessary.)

Step 1

  • Arrange the lettering/graphics
  • On the surface that you are applying them to
Step 2
  • Stick a piece of masking tape through the middle of the lettering/graphics
  • To hold in desired position.
  • This will act as an anchor and hinge
  • For applying each side of the lettering/graphics
Step 3
  • Fold half of the lettering/graphics on top of the other half
  • Carefully peel the backing of the folded half
  • And cut it off with scissors
  • Squeegee that half of the lettering/graphics
  • To the surface with a flat tool (a credit card will do)
Step 4
  • Peel off the masking tape
  • Fold the other half of the lettering/graphics
  • Over the half that you have just stuck down
  • Peel off the remaining backing
  • Squeegee down the remaining half of the lettering/graphics just as you did the first half

Step 5

  • Peel off the transfer tape and you’re done!